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Pre Wash and Hot Oil Treatment Kit

Pre Wash and Hot Oil Treatment Kit

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When it comes to self care, giving your hair a mask and oil treatment is something that must occur every 6-7 months at a time. Depending on the hair type, maybe a hot oil treatment more frequently but we don't want to do too much to our hair, right?

This mixture of Chebe powder, grapeseed oil, and cedarwood oil, our hair mask is used to stimulate the scalp and the strands to allow the coating of broken and unhappy strands and leave that for about 30-45 minutes depending on how your hair texture is, so the thicker the longer. 

After thoroughly washing out the mix (hopefully with our black soap hair cleansing kit)  the fine mixtures of Babassu, Batana, Avocado carrier oils with a touch of lemon essential oil, mixture not only smells good but is good for a leave in treatment for a happy scalp. 

This treatment will definitely show healthy growth and strengths to those strands of any hair type.

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