We Stand For....


Welcome to It's Everything, Gabrielle!

As you get to know about me and my platform, you will learn that I stand by things that people tend to look over, such as

  • mental health in the black community
  • hair care and how our hair is another message center for our health
  • motherhood and the fourth trimester that no one speaks of because they are afraid to address issues
  • fatherhood and how important it is to be one and have one in the home
  • public policy, urban planning and design
  • communities that are not addressing minority issues
  • children awareness on every level
  • selfcare and how important it is for us to love ourselves 
  • and last but not least the uproar and essence of how important black businesses are!

Listen, I know this is a lot but the more you see my articles, posts and discussions not only will you learn about me but you will learn about yourself. Self awareness is tough to obtain.....trust me addressing it hurts but, growing pains will help you become better, healthier and more in tune with what we need as people.